The winding trail to pottery…

I would not say that I’ve ever really considered myself an “artist.” It is a difficult thing to explain to people who view your work, but that is exactly what I do; I make work.

My fascination with clay was more or less accidental. At 23, I found myself accepting a job to teach high school where I would be required to teach a ceramics class, as well as drawing and painting, which were more related to my training. After struggling to teach myself the wheel and basic technical skills, I began to experience a small amount of success which became almost addicting. After attending the St. Croix Pottery Tour in 2016, I knew I would be making pots at every possible opportunity.

Since then I have been working to create pottery that reflects various qualities I value in nature, personality, and atmosphere. With organic finishes, understated shapes, and subtle textures, I hope these pots will communicate a balance between confidence and humility; pots that can live in any house and contribute something beautiful or positive to an individual's life. I’m happy to be the vessel that produces these pots, and love to watch as they come to life and develop their own personalities through the making process.